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Laure-Conan Park

Essential nature stop and exceptional site to discover, this recreational tourism park offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Domaine Charlevoix.

In the early 90s, the Domaine Charlevoix’s estate consisted of the consolidation of land which until then had only been used for farming and forestry. The property, who had an acreage of over 20,000,000 square feet, was later developed into a full nature park by Dr. André Gilbert, from Quebec City. His goal was to allow the regional population and the tourist clientele of Charlevoix to benefit from the undeniable beauty of the site.

First, there were the development of trails running through the land from the plateau of the high cornices, all the way down to the river bank. Then, over the years, the resort has benefited from the construction of various French-style pavilions, one of which was erected near a small lake. The preservation of the ruins of an old mansion and the development of walking trails also add to the unrivaled charm of Domaine Charlevoix.

It’s your chance to discover this piece of heaven on Earth, which offers 8 km of trails in the midst of magical landscapes.

The developers of Domaine Charlevoix have had an overall plan of the park prepared, showing the various sectors and main activities proposed. At this stage of the project, the park plans to offer various types of hikes, for pedestrians and cyclists, physical activity areas, cross-fit trails as well as the enhancement of the lake with access for swimming and the use of small boats, picnic areas, children’s playground area and finally a swimming pool area with a pavilion.

The plan will focus on the central sector for the development of the lake where swimming, nautical activities and games areas will be developed for families of Domaine Charlevoix.

The project will also incorporate access to the various outdoor and service sectors of the site.

The implementation of this main plan will be carried out as land sales and the development of the various sectors of the Domain progress. The developers engaged in generating the funds required for the implementation of this plan and also plan to transfer all of the park’s facilities to a non-profit organization whose shareholders will be the owners of villas in the Domain, and they will be responsible for its management and its sustainability